Phisycal Training and Rehabilitation Center


Promote health, respect and evaluate each individual on its integrity to promote longevity with quality of life.


To be recognized as a reference in physical rehab, training and devolepment of work methodologies that promote the equilibrium through movement.


Technical Capacity
Life Quality



When the Hero Archetype is active in someone’s soul, it strenghtens with chalenge, feels ultrajed by injustice, quickly and decisively answers to a crisis or oportunity.

There’s a resemblance, and even afinity, among the explorer and hero archetypes. While the explorer seeks to find itself, the Hero wants to be sure and to prove itself by trying Always to overcome its limits, beyond constantly trying to make a better world in many ways, making it a better place, more admirable and pleasant.

Hero's Motto
“Where there’s a will, there’s a way”

The Wise

This archetype may show up as Oraculo, Specialist, Counselor, Professor or Mentor; The Wise is normally treated as the guardian of truth and the Fount of Wisdom. Through seeking a wider comprehension of the world around us, the Wise enlighten us to progress and reach our potential.


Own Methodology

Continuous seek for knowledge


High Tecnical capacity, knowledge and experience

Groundmark in the segment

Fresh Structure allied to last generation equipment

Attending high performance athletes and distinguished clients

Cosy environemnt, based on a Family vibe

Experience with major brands

Highly recommended by our customers


To realize that each individual is a universe on itself.

Aktionpaz is the sum of different areas of sports cience and medicine, we act in synergy with highly qualified tecnic team and the utmost technology to responsibly develop the physic, mental and psychomotor capacity of each individual.

With a multidisciplinary team, our professionals embody areas such as: osteopathy, physiotherapy, physical education, medics, nutritionists and more.

Our methodology aims to boost results by identifying physiologic details through individually monitoring the treatment and training process.

Foco na missão

“to humanize the treatment is to create specific ways to develop individuals on their own paths”

By understanding each individual as an universe itself, with its own will, goals, flow and that responds individually to stimulus, we analyse each case by the view of Osteopathy, respecting each way of life through it’s physiological and biomechanic characteristics that shall be worked on a personal monitoring in witch the treatment and training directions are profoundly integrated one’s needs and limitations.

We offer individualized follow-up in which the treatment and / or training targeting is programmatic and integrated, deeply connected to the needs of each one.

Therefore, whether to improve your physical capacities with excellence or develop a functional treatment, book here your experimental class and grace us a visit to experience the humanized Aktionpaz standard way of heal.






This method, developed by the American surgeon doctor Andrew Taylor Still, is based on the direct relation that the body systems have with eachother and, through diverse manual practices stimulate the musculoskeletal and visceral systems, promote the healing of several illness.



The health science that aims to attain the maximum functionality of body systems through study, diagnosis, prevention and treatment of kinetic dysfunctions of organs and systems of the human body, such as traumatic injuries, post operative and others.

Kinesio 1

Kinesio 1

More than 100m2 of this salon are dedicated to rehabilitate and prepare to the physical activity. A Method mixed of strands as Pilates, Five Konzept, Functional Training, Weight Lifting and others aim to develop mobility, flexibility and motion equilibrium.

Kinesio 2

Kinesio 2

A salon focused on developing motion patterns, body conscience and continuity of global rehabilitation. The work here goes through a fusion of Aktionpaz method and a few distinguished others to adapt each individual’s limits and reach it’s specific performance peak.

3d Motion Analysis

3d Motion Analysis

A analysis method that allows to, through a complex imagetic 3D system, track precisely the motion patterns of each individual, identify specific injuries or orthopaedic deviations and apply it’s respective treatments



This strand of Traditional Chinese Medicine regulates the biochemical and physiological conditions of the human body. Through the direct skin stimulus of so called acupoints, the energetic meridians are treated to keep the natural flow of vital energy QI through the body.



Well known figures of human antiquity, they perform a fundamental role on human gestation, childbirth and postpartum. The guiding and emotional, physical and intellectual support provided to families involved on a child birth is decisively on enriching health and well being;



The term Massotherapy unites diverse oriental and ocidental therapeutic methods, divided basically in two main groups: energetic and physiologic. It acts as a healing technic tha prevent body disequilibrium and auxiliate the physical rehabilitation process.



This is the science that study the unique relation that each human being has with food, its nutritional properties and the processes through which the body ingest, absorb, transport, transform and eliminate these ingredients.



The psychological knowledge, a fruit of science, study human behaviour, mental processes and interactions with the physical and social environment. The aims: comprehension and resolution of problems in different levels of the being, the society and its well being.

Global Posture Re-education

Global Posture Re-education

The GPR is a physiotherapeutic method exclusive to each individual. The re-education of the muscles that firm the posture ends up in reorganizing the body sections and, by harmonizing it, corrects malfunctions of diverse natures as breathing, neurological and physical.



YOGA is the retracting of mind activities so that each individual may glimpse and lay on its authentic nature. The practice builds a mind and body relation that boosts the ability to keep awareness focused, body willing and vitalised.


Kinesio I

Rehabilitation and Preparation for Physical Activity

Here we heal your injuries and prepare you to start your physical activity, with your maximum performance and safety. Guided by specialized physiotherapists, on an environment built with the utmost technology, an individual has access to advanced tools to develop it’s mobility and resistance.

Applied Methods:
Pilates, Five Konzept, Aktionpaz, weight lifting and others as tools of evolution.


Individual or group.

Valences developed:
Mobility, flexibility, stability and recovery of motion standards.

Kinesio II

Develop Motion Standards, Body Conscience and Continuity in Rehabilitation

In this salon, the motion development is emphasized by working on valences such as strength, speed, agility, equilibrium, coordination, potency and others. The aim: act over the constant evolution of the individual by working the muscles, fascias and posture chains all connected with one’s life style.

Aktionpaz – individualized, periodic and ideology strictly to the individual needs.

Physical Educators.

Maximum 8 people per class, 4 each professor.

Pneumatic Keiser Fitness, weightlifting Freemotion Fitness, Functional Training, method Five Konzept.


We hold more than 10 world titles, all conquered by athletes with Aktionpaz preparation, training and rehabilitation

Personal guidance for the individual that desires an specific physical training, independently of place and time, preventing dysfunctions, optimizing performance and well being.

Organize, elaborate and periodize training sessions with equipment and accessories available, when and where needed.


Guidance and continuous present, or virtual supervision, by a team of osteopaths, physical educators, physiotherapists, doctors, psychologists and nutritionists.


You, Businessman who wishes to implement a physical training to your team, you’ll have all attention needed of our specialists to develop a strict methodology that your collaborators need in their workspace to boost ergonomy, wellbeing and performance.


United States, France, Portugal, Australia, South Africa, Sweden, China. Through a almost 20 years career, Alison Paz and his team have visited 5 continents monitoring athletes in competitions, highlighted here be events such as the ASP World Tour, WSL Championship Tour, Super Surf, Ironman, Vans Park Series, Red Bull Skate Generation, and X-Games.

ASP World Championship Tour 2010 Brasil
Eventos Realizados
Eventos Realizados
Eventos Realizados
Eventos Realizados


Children become athletes way earlier than previous generations and the pressure they suffer, fruits of the multi-ending media and rivalry is massive. To these individuals, childhood dreams may become adult nightmares when submitted to long periods of physical, psychic and mental stress that sports world implicates.

Aware of the impermanent needs of professional athletes, the Project Future Champion unites theses children dreams to it’s promising reality by integrating physical and psychosocial valences on a ludic, conscious and individualized way. The body work is applied in tune with practices that develop mind, cognitive potency, focus and awareness on young athlete’s self so they reach their dreams.

To form the citizen is of utmost relevance for us. It’s the key so they reach their goals and will dictate the way they’ll relate to the environment and to people around them. This is mission, based on Aktionpaz Phisical Training Method, to develop values as ethic, respect and collectivity.

This expertise, allied to an unmatched support offered by Aktionpaz on Physiotherapy, Osteopathy, Nutrition and Medic apparatus is the way to transform the future champion’s dream into reality.


Duane Peters

“I came in crying cause I fell of a roof… 4 days ago I couldn’t even skate, he’s got me skating. For any other professional it would take 6 weeks… The skateboarders are crazy people and he understands us. It’s beyond your comprehension Alison, you are number one.”

Adriano de Souza - ASP WSL SURF 2015 Champion

“4 years ago I set the goal to be a World Champion and Alison adopted my posture and qualities, complemented so much more and so it happened: I won the Surfing World Title thanks to the team, to all professionals of Aktionpaz, to be here is a great differential to me.”

Pedro Barros - 6X Skateboard Champion

“Aktionpaz and Alison are great responsibles for me to be who I am now. Alison itself is the great responsible for all what is happening.”

Christian Hossoi - Campeão Mundial de Skate

“This is Christian Hosoi, at Aktionpaz, just had an amazing workout, rehabilitation, prevention with them here at the Red Bull Generation event. Every year never cease to amaze me how much they help me, how much when I get injuried, one year I got very injuried and they just brought me back to life. Today I just headed into competition, and when you’re in a contest you push your body to the limit and they really maintain me being able to go to the finals tomorrow so I encourage everybody to look them up, to look Alison up he is awesome, God Bless you.”

Eddie "El Gato” Elguera

“Hello, this is Eddie “El Gato“ Elguera, I just got worked on Aktionpaz, and they did a great job from head to toe, working on the muscles, lighting things up and I feel great, thank you very much!”

Ronaldo Nunes - Client

“The search, I think tha ofrt all human being is happiness, and to be happy you got to be in harmony with body and soul.”