Phisycal Training and Rehabilitation Center


Promote health, respect and evaluate each individual on its integrity to promote longevity with quality of life.


To be recognized as a reference in physical rehab, training and devolepment of work methodologies that promote the equilibrium through movement.


Technical Capacity
Life Quality



When the Hero Archetype is active in someone’s soul, it strenghtens with chalenge, feels ultrajed by injustice, quickly and decisively answers to a crisis or oportunity.

There’s a resemblance, and even afinity, among the explorer and hero archetypes. While the explorer seeks to find itself, the Hero wants to be sure and to prove itself by trying Always to overcome its limits, beyond constantly trying to make a better world in many ways, making it a better place, more admirable and pleasant.

Hero's Motto
“Where there’s a will, there’s a way”

The Wise

This archetype may show up as Oraculo, Specialist, Counselor, Professor or Mentor; The Wise is normally treated as the guardian of truth and the Fount of Wisdom. Through seeking a wider comprehension of the world around us, the Wise enlighten us to progress and reach our potential.


Own Methodology

Continuous seek for knowledge


High Technical capacity, knowledge and experience

Groundmark in the segment

Fresh Structure allied to last generation equipment

Attending high performance athletes and distinguished clients

Cosy environemnt, based on a Family vibe

Experience with major brands

Highly recommended by our customers


To realize that each individual is a universe on itself.

Aktionpaz is the sum of different areas of sports cience and medicine, we act in synergy with highly qualified tecnic team and the utmost technology to responsibly develop the physic, mental and psychomotor capacity of each individual.

With a multidisciplinary team, our professionals embody areas such as: osteopathy, physiotherapy, physical education, medics, nutritionists and more.

Our methodology aims to boost results by identifying physiologic details through individually monitoring the treatment and training process.

Mission Focus

“to humanize the treatment is to create specific ways to develop individuals on their own paths”

By understanding each individual as an universe itself, with its own will, goals, flow and that responds individually to stimulus, we analyse each case by the view of Osteopathy, respecting each way of life through it’s physiological and biomechanic characteristics that shall be worked on a personal monitoring in witch the treatment and training directions are profoundly integrated one’s needs and limitations.

We offer individualized follow-up in which the treatment and / or training targeting is programmatic and integrated, deeply connected to the needs of each one.

Therefore, whether to improve your physical capacities with excellence or develop a functional treatment, book here your experimental class and grace us a visit to experience the humanized Aktionpaz standard way of heal.


Located at the shores of one of the most wonderful brazilian post-cards, the Lagoa da Conceição, Aktionpaz offers total discrition and safety to its clients with private parking, Caffé and the Peace that the neighbourhood nature shows.

We dispose more than 600m2 of built area divided in: Kinesio1, Kinesio2, consultories for nutrition, posturology, osteopathy, esthetic, massotheraphy and GPR beyond a exclusive phisiotheraphy sector equiped with instruments of HTM, Ibramed, Bioset, Compex and others, as well as dressing rooms. The whole center is fitted with last generation equipment made by high end brands like Metalife Pilates, Keiser Fitness, Freemotion, RAE acessories and others, all tools of utmost quality to reach maximum results.



Adriano de Souza - ASP WSL SURF 2015 Champion

“4 years ago I set the goal to be a World Champion and Alison adopted my posture and qualities, complemented so much more and so it happened: I won the Surfing World Title thanks to the team, to all professionals of Aktionpaz, to be here is a great differential to me.”

Eddie "El Gato” Elguera

“Hello, this is Eddie “El Gato“ Elguera, I just got worked on Aktionpaz, and they did a great job from head to toe, working on the muscles, lighting things up and I feel great, thank you very much!”

Christian Hossoi - Skateboard Champion

“This is Christian Hosoi, at Aktionpaz, just had an amazing workout, rehabilitation, prevention with them here at the Red Bull Generation event. Every year never cease to amaze me how much they help me, how much when I get injuried, one year I got very injuried and they just brought me back to life. Today I just headed into competition, and when you’re in a contest you push your body to the limit and they really maintain me being able to go to the finals tomorrow so I encourage everybody to look them up, to look Alison up he is awesome, God Bless you.”

Ronaldo Nunes - Client

“The search, I think tha ofrt all human being is happiness, and to be happy you got to be in harmony with body and soul.”

Duane Peters

“I came in crying cause I fell of a roof… 4 days ago I couldn’t even skate, he’s got me skating. For any other professional it would take 6 weeks… The skateboarders are crazy people and he understands us. It’s beyond your comprehension Alison, you are number one.”

Pedro Barros - 6X Skateboard Champion

“Aktionpaz and Alison are great responsibles for me to be who I am now. Alison itself is the great responsible for all what is happening.”